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Delivery Informations

Personal Pick-Up on convencions

Pick-up your order on the Mondocon, fair, or at any kind of convencion, where we can meet in person. You can find the list of convencions on my social pages.

If you are going to collect your package this way, all you'll need is your name and order number. You may come to my stand to collect your order. However if your order is not collected, I'll get in contact with you, so you won't be left without your goodies..

Personal Pick-Up in Debrecen

In Debrecen, you can collect your order in person. We can make an appiontment on any social platforms, at [email protected], or even call me at: +36 30 82 33 507

Small sized packages / Hungarian Post Office

Some small items, like stickers or pins, I can send you as a mail through the Hungarian Post Office. In the webshop I set up a system, which calculates the weight of your order. This way the shipping cost will be less. 

FoxPost parcel machine: You can find parcel machines close to your home with the Parcel Machine Finder.

You will have to input the parcel machine's name/address in the comments when placing an order.

FoxPost Home Delivery:

If you want, you have the option to have FoxPost deliver the package right to your doorstep.

Foxpost is a courier company indepentend both of me and the webshop. I cannot personally guarantee what FoxPost's promises about the shipping. After I place your order into the sender's machine, you may expect their announced delivery time. Please take it into account, that due to the pandemic, delay might appear. These do not depend on me nor on the employees of the courier company. Please be patient and understanding. If FoxPost loses your package please get in contact with me, and we'll figure out something.

Shipping outside of Hungary

I can get your order shipped to you as a mail through the Hungarian Post Office. The shipping costs will be calculated by weight.

Occasionally, depending on the true shape of the package and the final weight, the price modify.

This can happen if you order a large poster or a larger quantity of t-shirts and hoodies. In this case, I will definitely contact you.

If you still have any further questions about the shipping, contact me on one of my contact.

Information update: 2022. August 6th.

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