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About Us


Hello! I'm Miyaou, the illustrator who created this brand. I have always been a big fan of anime, I love everything related to this world. I live in Debrecen (Hungary), where I run my small business. I have a degree in graphic design, DTP graphic, animator... so yeah, my hobby is my work. I make all my creations with love, hoping that others will find joy in them. All the products on the webshop are illustrated by me and mostly handmade (notebooks, shirts, totebags) and handsewn (cases and pouches). I hope you enjoyed your virtual visit to Miyaou Maid Cafe for some sugarfree stationery and illustrated confectionery.

Ayu and Mio are fictional charcters. The Miyaou Art is a small busines, managed by one person!


Ayu is one of Miyaou Maid Cafe's mascots and pastry chef. A hyperactive, extrovert cat girl who brings a smile to everyone's face. In her free time, love to make cosplays, sew and do makeup. Her specialty is making pretty cakes, so if you want something really sweet, let Ayu treat you. Her favorite color is gold. So don't be surprised if you also find edible mica powder on your whipped cream and fruit pancakes. 


This quiet, mysterious kitten is Mio, the barista and other mascot of Miyaou Maid Cafe. She impresses everyone with her calming aura, which becomes truly complete when she creates amazing latte arts in front of her guests. So relax and enjoy your delicious coffee. Mio likes to draw and artistic hobbies, so if her apron isn't stained with coffee, it's stained with paint. Her favorite scent is lavender and she would prefer to draw all day wrapped in its soft blanket.


Haku is the wilder of the two brothers. He is small, but fast like flash. He loves purring and cuddling. His patterned fur is fluffy and his golden eyes make everyone fall in love immediately. He likes tuna and mischief. He got his name from the character  from Spirited Away, but his personality is almost the opposite. Rin is the older one, acting like a real big brother and quietly watching the chaos from the highest point in the room. His shiny black fur and wise eyes give him a majestic appearance. He is also the exact opposite of Ao no Exorcist's protagonist Rin Okumura. But I didn't know in advance what two little miracles will come into my life and what experiences I will have thanks to they.

We have cookies in our virtual cafe. All is sugar free!